Week 8: Communication and negotiation

By the end of this week you should be able to:

  • understand the importance and relevance of communication skills
  • understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how this relates to communication in the workplace
  • find out more about your own Emotional Intelligence and identify further development if necessary
  • apply the concepts of Emotional Intelligence to an interview situation and in negotiations
  • identify good practice in negotiations
  • understand your own behaviour within negotiations and improve on it.

Uncomfortable stuff, most of this….


The concept of Emotional Intelligence is explored:

Mayer and Salovey (1993) organised EI into four branches:

Identifying emotions – the ability to recognise one’s own feelings and the feelings of those around them.

Using emotions – the ability to access an emotion and reason with it.

Understanding emotions – emotional knowledge, the ability to identify and comprehend the emotional chain – the transition of one emotion to another.

Managing emotions – the ability to self-regulate emotions and manage them in others.


These skills are looked at in the context of interviews and Negotiation.

Interestingly, both examples for successful negotiation given on the course were women who were negiotiating conditions prior to taking a career break. We were not provided with any examples of women who had successfully negotiated a return to a new position in SET after a break with unusual conditions (part-time or whatever).


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