Week 7: Finding the opportunity you want

By the end of the week you should:

  • be familiar with a range of online job search resources
  • know how to find the hidden job market
  • be able to adapt your CV for a specific purpose
  • understand how assessment tests are used by employers
  • know where to locate further training and education.

Again, all very useful skills.

Jobhunting generally starts with newspapers and the internet (The Jobhunter’s Bible is a good starting point), although we’re reminded that most vacancies are never advertised.
The Windmills Virtual Career Coach website is provided by the University of Liverpool’s careers department and has a good section on the hidden job market.

Psychometric tests are commonly used by recruiters, and information on these can be found on the following websites:



Prospects web page on Exercises used at assessment centres

http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/whatamilike/index.shtml – a basic version of Briggs–Myers personality types from the BBC – quite fun and free!

http://www.myersbriggs.org/ explains the Myers–Briggs philosophy

http://www.peoplemaps.co.uk/bradleycvs.htm – free online personality test (although you do have to pay to get a full report)

Other options mentioned briefly are teaching, further training, and becoming self-employed.

(Reference sources are Prowess,Women’s Business Development Agency, Aurora Women’s Network,Everywoman, and Mumpreneurs )


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