Week 3: First Assignment

Things are getting serious: this is the first time we’ve been asked to provide work for formal assessment.

To do:

  1. Use the OU’s proprietary databasing software ‘Profile’ to generate a report and full CV. Not something I’m quite ready to do, as the CV I need, with all the ‘old’ details is on an obsolete iMac which isn’t connected to anything at the moment. Profile seems to be good for record-keeping if you don’t have a current CV, but as it’s forcing me to use Windoze and re-enter all the information I already have, including some I regard as out-of-date and irrelevant, I’m not enjoying it.
  2. Prepare a very brief summary (no more than 400 words) projecting who you are to a potential future employer. Hell, that’s going to be tricky if I don’t have a specific employer in mind. Who I am doesn’t change, but the skills and personality traits I emphasise may well do.
  3. Write a short summary (no more than 400 words) to describe the main issues that you will need to consider when you return to working in SET and how you plan to address these. OK, that’s not going to be particularly difficult, being as I’ve got two complete blog postings to refer to. I’m not sure how I address the need for a rediculously high (or so it feels) starting salary, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.
  4. List the three most important aims you have in studying this course. Reflect on how far these are being achieved in what you have done so far in the course. Most important, and way above everything else: find a job that I can do well and which gives me a sense that I am using my skills and abilities rather than just being a set of hands, brain optional. I can do front-of-house very well, it seems, but I need to feel stretched, and to have the opportunity to learn new skills, in order to be fulfilled.

This is all due as a zipped file by Thursday at latest. I’m struggling to find the time, what with DH being away so much, but will do what I can.


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