Week 2: profile software woes

The Open University has provided us students with a proprietary database program: Profile.

The Guide to Profile describes it as:
software that can be used to support your personal and career development. By using Profile, you can create and maintain records and produce reports. These reports can be used to help you to develop your CV, apply for jobs, plan for interviews, and prepare for appraisals at work. You may also find Profile useful when thinking about further study and planning your courses.

I’m finding it a royal pain-in-the-tail as you cannot move a record from one section of the database to another. So, if you record some self-study under ‘training’ and then realise that you should have entered it under ‘other’ (not that anyone would do this) you have to delete the first record and enter it all again. In addition, Profile only works on Windoze computers. I work on Linux, and so have had to set up a PC running XP and deal with all that nonsense.

I need to dig out an old CV, stored on an old iMac which isn’t connected to the network, or even to a keyboard at the moment, as I’ve left a lot of ancient history out of my most recent CV and it seems I need to put it all into the program. Frankly, who cares that I did a summer job in a pharmacology lab during my undergraduate degree, or that I’ve got a Senior Certificate with Matriculation Exemption from a South African high school? Actually, that last isn’t going in, no matter what. I’ve got A-levels from a grammar school in Yorkshire and there’s no need to go further back than that.

The other thing I’m having trouble with is the section termed “Successes and Difficulties”, where you are supposed to keep a note of events and experiences, what you learned, and what you might do differently. I’m struggling to think of anything particularly relevant without the impetus of a specific position: something which would be relevant if I was applying to be an admissions manager for a science course probably wouldn’t be at all relevant if I was applying to be a technician in a molecular biology lab.

Much metaphorical chewing of pencils….


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