Week 1: The Lifeline

As part of this focus on reflective learning, I’m apparently supposed to be learning more about myself. Fair enough.

The tool offered is the ‘lifeline’ (find an example here) where you plot major events in your life against your view of how positive or negative an experience they were.

Mine looks a bit like a seismograph! The past ten years have been a bit of roller coaster ride.

Looking at the pattern of events, I’m reminded of the following:

  1. I’m a social animal: I can work well on my own, but I need human interaction to be happy/fulfilled. That doesn’t need to be in a work context, but I need to have that balance in my life.
  2. Even if I’m doing a job well, if I don’t feel that my strengths are being used I’m not going to be satisfied. That said, I don’t seem able to give less than 100%, even when (as now) I truly hate what I’m doing.
  3. I don’t cope at all well with insecurity

Funnily enough, my current role is hitting all three of these bad points.

Something that didn’t come up in the lifeline exercise, but which I’m sure is relevant, is my tendency to over-analyse and over-research before making any decision. I hate being wrong.


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